Start publishing online courses with the new Xiim software release

Drumroll please….

After many long days and nights of planning, coding, testing and much more, we are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Xiim. With this release we’re rolling out one of the most important upgrades to the application this year – an upgrade that will have a substantial impact on the way you use Xiim to create and publish online courses in a uniquely social and collaborative environment.

If you are an existing Xiim user, you’ll immediatly see all the new features when you log in. If you have not signed up for Xiim yet. Now is the time do it. Sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

With this new release, Xiim educators will be able to create and publish courses using the Educator subscription plan which comes with all of Xiim’s core course creation, collaboration and publishing features or upgrade to our Enterprise plan which allows users and institutions to manage multiple educator licenses, publish large-scale course offerings and build a custom branded presence on the Xiim platform.

In addition, new users will be able to try any of the Xiim subscription plans by signing up for a free 30-day trial.

Some of the changes you’ll see in this new version of Xiim include:


Xiim users will now be able to choose from one of three subscription plans:

The Learner Plan—allows learners to enroll in classes and provides access to the Xiim learner community and social tools and features.

The Educator Plan—includes all the features of the learner plan as well as allowing educators to create, manage and sell courses using Xiim’s exclusive collaboration and socialization tools.

The Enterprise Plan—includes all the features of the Learner and Educator plans but also provides large-scale users and institutions the ability to manage multiple educator licenses, multiple course offerings, and offer a custom branded experience for their students.

Subscription Trialsall plans are available for a free 30-day trial period.


Payments and Merchant Accounts—In addition to being able to purchase courses using a major credit card, Xiim users on the Educator and Enterprise plans are now able to set up a merchant account to be able to start selling courses and earning revenue through the Xiim platform.

Membership Management—Xiim users can now easily upgrade or change their subscription plan at any time through their member account settings.

Alerts and Notifications—the Xiim platform now features alert and notifications for payments, account plan changes and expirations and important user account information.

Reporting—Xiim users on the Educator and Enterprise plans will be able to access course sales and payments reports to their merchant accounts.


Authoring Collaboration—course creators can now create collaborative teams of educators to co-author, review and advise on their courses both in the development stage and after a course has been published.

Revision Management—Xiim allows course publishers to manage and control edits and updates to course content among multiple co-authors.

Invites and Messaging—Xiim collaboration tools allow instructors to invite and connect with other co-educators through the Xiim network or by email.


Subscribers will also be able to take advantage of an automated 24/7 customer support ticket feature available through the Xiim platform and via the support page on the Xiim website at Phone support is also available to Enterprise subscribers Mon-Fri 8am—5pm EST.

We’re excited about this new release but we’re already working on new features and enhancements and we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions as you start using, learning and selling courses on the Xiim platform. Send us your comments here.

Thanks again and enjoy social and collaborative learning with your all-new Xiim app.


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