Frequently Asked Questions

The Educator plan is ideal for individual educators and provides all the functionality and support needed to create, publish and sell courses. For larger organizations and institutions, the Enterprise plan provides multiple educator licenses, custom branding, no publishing fees and reduced Xiim revenue share, phone and email support and increased storage for course content.
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
With the Learner plan you can enroll in any courses on the Xiim platform. In order to create and publish courses you need to subscribe to the Educator or Enterprise plans.
At the end of a free trial you will need to upgrade to the Educator or Enterprise plans to access any course data you have created during your free trial.
There is no limit to the number of students that can enroll in a course. There is a $10 per student enrollment fee for the Educator plan and $5 per student for the Enterprise plan. The cost can be passed to the enrollee or absorbed by the Publisher.
There is no limit to the number of courses you can publish but keep in mind there is a limit to the storage space allowed for course content (see FAQ on storage limits).
There is a 500MB storage limit for the Educator plan and a 2GB storage limit for the Enterprise plan.
We currently support mp4 video files.
The Xiim system will not allow any files larger than 200MB to be uploaded.
You have to subscribe to a paid Educator or Enterprise plan in order to start selling courses
Courses published on the Educator plan are subject to the following fees/revenue share:
$50/year publishing fee per course
$10 enrollment fee per student
20% Xiim revenue share

Courses published on the Enterprise plan are subject to the following fees/revenue share:
$5 enrollment fee per student
5% Xiim revenue share

You can set up your account to receive payments to a bank account. Xiim also accepts Venmo digital wallet accounts to send payments.
The educator can decide how much to charge for a course but all courses are still subject to applicable publishing and enrollment fees regardless of price even if they are free (see fees and revenue share FAQ above).

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