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Connect and Collaborate

Develop, review and enhance coursework through teamwork and collaboration with other educators, alumni and learners. Create education teams and assign roles for team members to help create your course and exchange ideas. Control and track revisions and manage team activity through calendars, events and notifications.


Smart Authoring Tools

Develop and publish courses with an easy-to-use, drag-and drop authoring tool. Create documents on the fly with a built in course editor or import existing course materials including PDF, video, animation, audio and multimedia formats. Invite team members to review and edit courses, and track and manage revisions before you preview and publish your course.


Groups and Teams

Create course groups and teams of learners, alumni and co-educators. Add discussion forums to provide feedback, coaching and support for your learners. Engage learners through the group calendar and smart wall, schedule events and assignments, send messages, notifications and manage course activity.


Assessments and Certifications

Create assessments, assignments, quizzes, tasks and grading for your courses. Supports independent, group or 360 course assessments that can be automated or customized to meet your evaluation criteria. Manage and award course certifications.


Personalized Content

Xiim courses have the power to adapt to individual learning styles and needs. Track progress and create conditions to personalize instructional content, materials and pacing to adapt to individual learners’ needs.


Market and Promote

Promote, market and monetize your courses through the Xiim marketplace. Send email campaigns and course invitations to learners. Create a custom branded store for your course catalog with the Xiim Enterprise edition.

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