Where is education on the social landscape?

Until now, online education has for the most part been a one-size-fits-all endeavor.  Generally, it tends to be a monolog and not a real dialogue, lacking all the social and interactive aspects of the education process. When we think social media today we think of the experience, not just of connecting and interacting with other people and organizations, but also the sharing of opinions, tastes and discoveries and the ability for the individual to express him or herself within a social peer group.

Sounds a lot like education.

Every “memorable” class is a bit like a jazz composition. There is the basic melody that you work with but there is also a considerable measure of improvisation against that disciplining background. It’s the reason that, while e-learning has gone mainstream, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Many online students feel isolated and disengaged, which can lead to poor performance or drop out.

Xiim is a cloud-based, online education platform that effectively connects all the key pieces of the educational spectrum. Xiim’s technology and connectivity is founded on the principles of collaboration, crowdsourcing, and socialization.

Xiim comes with a built-in social networking component that facilitates collaboration amongst educators, drives student engagement and connects educators, students and alumni for interpersonal interaction, teamwork, and support. Furthermore, Xiim provides an environment that keeps graduates and alumni connected not only with the institution but at the course level as well, providing a direct connection between the skills and expertise required by employers and the competency delivered through courses and education.

The underlying mantra for us at Xiim is that learning at its best is a collective and social experience that needs to promote collaboration, engagement, interactions and socialization. A truly “memorable” class, even a large one, is always a collaboration between educators and learners.

Our mission at Xiim is to revolutionize education online, bring socialization to the online educational environment and ultimately, to bridge the gap between education, personal development, and successful employment. To that end, we invite you to give Xiim a try (http://xiimapp.xiim.com/signup). We hope you find it offers a unique educational experience for both educators and learners.

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