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Become a Xiim Educator

Beyond the bricks and mortar, the lectures and labs, the papers and exams, education is about making connections. Xiim enhances online courses by making teaching, organizing and reporting smarter than ever before, enabling you to build rich, interactive courses easily without knowing a single line of programming.

become-xiim-ed-icon-01With Xiim you’ll be able to make every class a memorable experience and bring your courses to life with simulations and interactive learning. Xiim gives a non-programmer a tool set to easily create courses with configurable, interactive features. Educators can create conditions to personalize instructional content, materials and pacing to adapt to individual learners’ needs.

become-xiim-ed-icon-02We believe everyone has something to teach and learn. That’s why at the core of Xiim’s capability is a social networking tool that connects educators for collaboration and learners through socialization. As a Xiim educator you’ll be able to create a learning environment that connects co-educators, students and alumni to provide educational support now while students are completing their coursework.

become-xiim-ed-icon-03Xiim helps your learners succeed and complete online courses. Through the support of a social learning network, learners are encouraged and supported. They stay engaged with their studies through a virtual classroom that supports interactive participation and collaboration for group projects, discussion groups, and 360 assessments.

What can you do with Xiim?

We’d love to hear your ideas and submissions for courses and help you bring your education vision to life as a Xiim educator. Fill out the form below as accurately and completely as possible so we have a clear understanding of who are are, your area of expertise and the goals and objectives of your course. A Xiim education expert will contact you to discuss your idea and offer advice on how to get you up and running on Xiim.

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